Definition of Inconel in English:



mass nountrademark
  • An alloy of nickel containing chromium and iron, resistant to corrosion at high temperatures.

    • ‘Materials include all varieties of 300-series stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, and other alloys.’
    • ‘This includes 100% nickel, the Monel and Inconel.’
    • ‘Clad steels can have as the cladding material chromium steel in the 12-15% range, stainless steels primarily of the 18/8 and 25/12 analysis, nickel base alloys such as Monel and Inconel, copper-nickel, and copper.’
    • ‘This includes joining hard-to-weld and exotic materials such as the stainless steels, aluminum, magnesium, copper, beryllium copper, Hastelloy, Inconel, Invar and Kovar, especially in very thin cross sections.’
    • ‘A standard copper core center electrode is capped with platinum, and the ground electrode is a platinum pad on a bridge that spans an Inconel alloy ground shield.’


1930s: apparently from I(nternational) N(ickel) Co(mpany), on the pattern of nickel.