Definition of incomer in English:



  • A person who has come to live in an area in which they have not grown up, especially in a close-knit rural community.

    ‘an English incomer to Orkney’
    • ‘Most frazzled incomers have grand plans to run B&Bs or make careers from crafts or farming, citing factors such as stress and health as reasons for quitting an urban lifestyle.’
    • ‘We've been pretty good in Scotland in that respect, in terms of people outside Scotland - English incomers, the Bangladeshi and Pakistani communities.’
    • ‘I've been in York longer than anywhere else so it feels like home, and if there's a gap between rich and poor, that's where you will find me, along with most other residents, incomers or not.’
    • ‘In his small office in the town of Ennis, he pointed vigorously at a map to illustrate the areas where incomers, or ‘blow-ins’, could still build homes, should they wish.’
    • ‘The Burley Bridge Association members, who are mostly incomers to Burley or live outside the area, mistakenly believe that villagers want to cross the river.’
    • ‘There's a neat little North Country saying about incomers which works both ways, between people, and between people and the land.’
    • ‘We do detect some sort of orchestrated opposition by incomers to the area, but locals don't seem to be bothered.’
    • ‘In such vacuums, the easy response is to construct a fantasy of doomed Britain, ‘swamped’ by incomers and cursed by an unwise love of human rights.’
    • ‘Down on the beach last Friday, however, Dorset teacher Jonathan Hughes was in no doubt about why both permanent residents and weekend incomers wanted their little piece of the village.’
    • ‘Of course, it is the locals who are selling property to the incomers but people can't resist making a quick Euro, whatever their nationality.’
    • ‘The most recent incomers are Eastern Europeans.’
    • ‘Those opposed to incomers are a ‘tiny minority’.’
    • ‘One of Scotland's most beautiful towns is to stop rich incomers pricing locals out of the housing market by introducing a modern-day version of croft houses.’
    • ‘Born-and-bred residents are being trampled on by wealthy incomers who push property prices even further beyond their reach, they say.’
    • ‘But it is these values that are at odds with those of other local residents (regarded as incomers by the miners) who want to see the open-cast collieries in the area closed.’
    • ‘The point of his poem, called ‘Doctor’, was that those who resented the arrival of incomers were themselves the incomers of yesteryear.’
    • ‘If we are to have a thriving economy going forward, it is therefore essential that we can attract incomers and immigrants from all over the world.’
    • ‘And the authority may now be forced to rethink its controversial policy aimed at stopping wealthy incomers buying holiday and retirement homes in the county.’
    • ‘The report says many incomers to rural areas ‘end up suffering because the reality of coping with their problems in the midst of such scenic rural places is indeed far from easy’.’
    • ‘I was a bit out of the general community, being an incomer to the area.’
    stranger, visitor, non-member, odd man out
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