Definition of incoherence in English:


(also incoherency)


mass noun
  • 1The quality of being illogical, inconsistent, or unclear.

    ‘difficult questions that expose the incoherence of their policy’
    count noun ‘the incoherences of the doctrine’
    • ‘His intellectual incoherence should not blind us to the populist possibilities he has stumbled upon.’
    • ‘The bishop sent an open letter to the city's parishes Tuesday criticizing him for "moral incoherence" on the issue.’
    • ‘Judging the actors is difficult because of the incoherency of the story and inanity of the dialogue.’
    • ‘I've gotten such emails quite regularly and they are almost always filled with misspellings, fractured syntax and incoherencies.’
    • ‘The most likely outcome of these proposals is that they will introduce even more incoherence and confusion into the UK secondary education system than there is already.’
    • ‘His efforts to connect on economic policy have been muddied by an ideological incoherence that once served as his greatest strength in appealing to voters across party lines.’
    • ‘Any program pursued with the incoherence demonstrated by this administration loses credibility.’
    • ‘The leader has to show the coherence or incoherence of the discussion and raise issues that improve the level of the written interaction.’
    • ‘He seems unable to mate subject and verb number, use apostrophes or adverbs rationally, or spot abject incoherence in his own writing.’
    • ‘To argue otherwise is to descend into logical incoherence.’
    1. 1.1 Inability to speak intelligibly.
      ‘she descended into stammering incoherence’
      • ‘The only other interruption was an early evening telephone call from my sister, who responded to my mumbling incoherence by asking whether I was drunk.’
      • ‘The bride's friend got up and mumbled a few incoherencies about nightclubs and alcohol.’
      • ‘The end result is that watching the Japanese language audio track leads to total incoherency.’
      • ‘He was drunken to the point of incoherence and damaged to almost physical immobility.’
      • ‘He only got this job because we mistook his incoherencies and vagueness for nerves.’
      • ‘Although her father seemed to be in good physical condition, the measure of his incoherency was alarming.’