Definition of inclinometer in English:



  • A device for measuring the angle of inclination of something, especially from the horizontal.

    • ‘These NG series inclinometers have been used with very good results in the mining industry, food industry, bridges, cranes, agriculture machinery, process machines, transport systems and vehicles, plus many other applications as well as OEM systems.’
    • ‘A nice group of levels and inclinometers were also sold.’
    • ‘Horizontal movement is measured by inclinometers, and multiple-point vibrating-wire piezometers provide information on groundwater pressure.’
    • ‘It can easily be bundled with other instruments such as extensometers, inclinometers, rain gauges and piezometers.’
    • ‘Measure the steepest section with an inclinometer.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin inclinare ‘to incline’ + -meter.