Definition of incisional in English:



  • See incision

    • ‘An incisional biopsy was then performed on the left breast mass, and a diagnosis of gynecomastia with significant atypia was rendered.’
    • ‘Although technically more difficult than open procedures, laparoscopic procedures are associated with a decreased length of hospital stay and fewer wound infections and incisional hernias.’
    • ‘A small incisional biopsy was performed at the outside institution, which provided tissue that was diagnosed as a small blue cell lesion, favoring an atypical lymphoid proliferation.’
    • ‘Record the condition of the incisional wound, including the presence or absence of edema, induration, color, and drainage.’
    • ‘The Plymouth Hernia Service not only supports my practice of open inguinal herniorrhaphy but also that of three of my colleagues who undertake laparoscopic repair for bilateral and recurrent inguinal hernias and incisional hernias.’