Definition of incipiently in English:



  • See incipient

    • ‘For the first time, she recognized the symptoms of infatuation which she had felt incipiently as a child, as a girl in her early teens, and later as a young woman.’
    • ‘There is an incipiently anarchistic and subversive element to his work.’
    • ‘Until I remembered that I was exhausted and incipiently ill, and pretty much the opposite of party.’
    • ‘This meant that he modelled his operas on Venetian traditions which were ‘up to the minute’ in allowing for incipiently democratic impulses, thereby admitting that man's attempts to play God were doomed to failure.’
    • ‘For their part, the boys, baby-faced and natty but incipiently loutish, are hardly ingratiating.’