Definition of incinerate in English:



[with object]
  • Destroy (something, especially waste material) by burning.

    ‘waste packaging is to be incinerated rather than buried in landfills’
    • ‘And, you know, is it best to be incinerating that waste material or putting it in landfill, which is what's going on at the moment.’
    • ‘The proposed plant will mass incinerate waste but it will use thermal treatment as part of its separation and treatment process.’
    • ‘It had also been permitted to incinerate garbage, but the company has suspended the activities on its own, the officials said.’
    • ‘And incinerating the chemical along with other hazardous waste generates dioxins and other pollutants.’
    • ‘I was assured that as Bolton incinerates its rubbish, and the incinerator is used to produce electricity as a by-product, that in effect this waste is being recycled.’
    • ‘If, however, the plant will be able to incinerate the material within a reasonable time, and can store it in the meantime, then it is not a misuse of language to say that the plant currently has incinerating capacity.’
    • ‘But best of all, this new form of reactor can incinerate waste from other reactors, turning today's noxious stockpiles into energy.’
    • ‘Now modern cities appropriate millions of dollars a year to incinerate garbage and even more money to recycle it.’
    • ‘I was incinerating papers in the back yard one day when the wind changed and my hand was badly burned.’
    • ‘Instead of incinerating the waste, hospitals should reduce the use of PVC and mercury products, as safer alternatives are easily available.’
    • ‘Usually, wood is incinerated by fire when a bolt of lightning strikes it.’
    • ‘At the end of 1945, five million anthrax-infected cattle cakes were incinerated in one of Porton Down's furnaces.’
    • ‘Safe, cheap alternatives to incinerating hazardous waste are easily implemented.’
    • ‘The group have pointed out that a section of the Kildare Waste Management plan has suggested that Kildare could incinerate their waste in the Midlands.’
    • ‘Just incinerating them, destroying them - they were lost forever.’
    • ‘Similarly, it used to be perfectly in order to incinerate confidential papers.’
    • ‘CoCo View incinerates its garbage, and the strong smoky smell often permeated the rooms.…’
    • ‘After sorting the refuse at a central depot any waste that can be incinerated should be.’
    • ‘The incineration process converts the matter being incinerated into energy.’
    • ‘The remainder, which includes body parts and the cytotoxic material, will be incinerated abroad.’
    burn, burn up, reduce to ashes, consume by fire, carbonize
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Late 15th century: from medieval Latin incinerat- ‘burnt to ashes’, from the verb incinerare, from in- ‘into, towards’ + cinis, ciner- ‘ashes’.