Definition of incidental music in English:

incidental music


mass noun
  • Music used in a film or play as a background to create or enhance a particular atmosphere.

    • ‘During that time he wrote nine opéras comiques and incidental music to Racine's tragedy Athalie.’
    • ‘The incidental music has been chosen with such care that it actually plays a dramatic part in the play.’
    • ‘The incidental music is from Django Bates and is moodily atmospheric though played rather fleetingly.’
    • ‘People remembered title music, but incidental music that was used four, five times a year?’
    • ‘Parts of medieval liturgical dramas were sung and the ‘Miracle Plays’ of the Middle Ages had incidental music.’
    • ‘Necessity forced him to remain a miniaturist in that area, and he provided incidental music for some 40 stage plays.’
    • ‘But if you are not careful, the music never really gets a chance to speak; vocal lines which are a constant parlando with orchestral accompaniment produce something more akin to a play with incidental music.’
    • ‘Echoes of Grieg's incidental music float briefly across the night air.’
    • ‘Adhering to the Dogme manifesto of natural lighting and no incidental music, the film has an almost documentary feel enhanced by the wonderfully natural performances, horrid clothes and lack of make-up.’
    • ‘Was this the first film ever to have no incidental music and instead to use a mixture of off-the-peg classics and current, trendy dance beats?’
    • ‘The use of composed incidental music in this film is actually one of the major new things for me as a filmmaker that this film has.’
    • ‘Like many soundtracks, this one melds incidental music (music that occurs in the background while something is happening), pop songs, and dialogue from the film to give us a good picture of what the movie is like.’
    • ‘Bovell was the perfect choice to oversee the soundtrack project and incidental music.’
    • ‘There's a reason everyone knows Edvard Grieg's incidental music while few know the play.’
    • ‘The suite may have originated as incidental music to a play, a role it would fulfil readily enough.’
    • ‘At the age of 21 his incidental music for The Tempest won great acclaim.’
    • ‘It's refreshing to see a movie in which there are no special effects, no camera tricks, and no incidental music to strum on a viewer's emotional strings.’
    • ‘His shift from composing incidental music for the theatre to writing groundbreaking music theatre was partly a response to his dissatisfaction with ‘straight’ theatre.’
    • ‘He produced not only popular operettas, but incidental music to plays and (according to the custom of the time) interpolations into other operas as well.’
    • ‘Byron never intended the work to be performed, though that didn't stop a number of attempts to stage it, for one of which Schumann wrote some very manic-depressive incidental music.’