Definition of inchoateness in English:



  • See inchoate

    • ‘The spectre of plurality and difference became a pseudonym for inchoateness and ineffectiveness.’
    • ‘But we're not privy to what is going on inside the artist's head, as his ideas evolve from inchoateness to coherence.’
    • ‘Likewise, any structured situation, if it is effectively challenged, may lose its wholeness and revert to inchoateness or shift to an alternative structure.’
    • ‘‘Each person is on Earth to make sense of themselves and for themselves and to bring the inchoateness of this self into an expressible state,’ he reflects.’
    • ‘Some day a great (but probably unappreciated) historian will tell the dramatic, even tragic, story of American Conservatism: its rise from inchoateness out of the ruins of Liberalism's grand illusions; its struggles for coherence; its triumphs and failures; and finally its corruption by power.’