Definition of inchoately in English:



  • See inchoate

    • ‘We saw that the one student had beautifully articulated a longing that many students inchoately shared.’
    • ‘‘Congregation’ has a religious connotation, and indeed many of Ossorio's works in this mode draw, if sometimes inchoately, on religious themes.’
    • ‘Instead, it provided an opportunity to vaunt an inchoately nationalist sense of Scotland's contributions to the British military and imperial expansion and control.’
    • ‘Rather, the current strain is wrought of a convergence of forces, complicating manifestations of history, ideology, experience, and ambition that have always swirled around the German-American relationship, however inchoately.’
    • ‘The most effective poets, it seems to me, understand that their art depends on their access to their original narratives, those life studies that, involuntarily, inchoately, dream their way back to us.’