Definition of inceptisol in English:



Soil Science
  • A soil of an order comprising freely draining soils in which the formation of distinct horizons is not far advanced, such as brown earth.

    • ‘These palaeosols would be classified as entisols and inceptisols using modern soil taxonomy nomenclature, soils typical of very immature fluvial exposure surfaces.’
    • ‘You can see the differentiation of layers in an inceptisol formed on colluvium in West Virginia on the right.’
    • ‘The diversity of inceptisols creates problems with attempts to generalize their geographic distribution.’
    • ‘In this paper, nearly 700 in situ fossil trees are described from 13 entisol or inceptisol horizons in the mid-Tournaisian Albert Formation at Norton, near Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada.’
    • ‘Young soils of moderate to high fertility (mollisols, inceptisols, and entisols) occupy about 15 per cent of the total land area.’


1960s: from Latin inceptum ‘beginning’ (from the verb incipere) + -sol.