Definition of incense cedar in English:

incense cedar


  • A columnar North American cedar with scale-like leaves that smell of turpentine when crushed, grown as an ornamental in Europe.

    • ‘Over the hilly five acres grow native black oak, incense cedar, white fir and Coulter, knobcone, sugar and ponderosa pines.’
    • ‘To further preserve the slope, workers also spread seeds of species such as the Taiwan incense cedar and Zelkova Formosan trees, hoping the trees' root systems will eventually bind the fragile slope soil together.’
    • ‘Many of the needle evergreens including yew, arborvitae, hemlock, and incense cedar make fine hedges.’
    • ‘About 1/2 mile farther south, the trail leaves sunny terrain for cooler slopes shaded by sugar and Jeffrey pines, Douglas fir, and incense cedar trees.’
    • ‘We're standing in a deserted picnic grove among the cinnamon-colored trunks of incense cedars.’