Definition of incautiously in English:



  • See incautious

    • ‘‘But you are a character in one of them,’ my friend incautiously remarked.’
    • ‘At a dinner party in New York once, when conversation got around to what we would like to have been doing if fate hadn't directed us into doing what we did, I incautiously said I would like to have been an actor.’
    • ‘I cannot overlook the fact that he is a man of 77 and may, during the course of his evidence, on occasion have said things incautiously.’
    • ‘She was naïve and incautiously bold, inserting herself into affairs that she little understood, until at last she had come to the Source of all things in this world and was overmatched.’
    • ‘He admitted that we had been too democratic, but was afraid that we should incautiously run to the other extreme.’