Definition of inbound in English:


adverb & adjective

  • Travelling towards a particular place, especially when returning to the original point of departure.

    [as adjective] ‘inbound traffic’
    [as adverb] ‘we have three enemy planes inbound on bearing two ninety’


[WITH OBJECT]Basketball
  • Throw (the ball) from out of bounds, putting it into play.

    ‘Ohio State inbounded the ball against the swarming defenders’
    • ‘You can be content to merely get the ball inbounded safely, or you can plan to score on the play.’
    • ‘The Cougars inbounded the ball with two seconds remaining but were unable to get a shot.’
    • ‘With 10 seconds to play in OT and the Heat down two, Miami inbounded the ball.’
    • ‘In the end, the Heat inbounded the ball with less than three seconds left, and the score tied.’
    • ‘The most common event is inbounding the ball, either from the baseline or the sideline.’