Definition of inborn in English:


Pronunciation /ɪnˈbɔːn//ˈɪnbɔːn/


  • 1Existing from birth.

    ‘an inborn defect in the formation of collagen’
    • ‘Some suggest that crying could be an inborn healing mechanism, or a way of removing toxins that build up with stress.’
    • ‘Intelligence is an emergent property of person-in-society, not an inborn capability or an epigenetically developed trait of individuals.’
    • ‘Gaucher disease is a typical lysosomal storage disease resulting from an inborn deficiency of -glucocerebrosidase, which leads to the accumulation of glycolipids in macrophages.’
    • ‘Playfulness is an inborn ability that is hardwired into our genetic code.’
    • ‘The evidence for an inborn, male predisposition for systematizing comes from a single experiment on newborn infants, tested with a single person and object.’
    • ‘There are some very vocal proponents who would persuade whoever will listen, that same-sex sexual orientation is inborn.’
    • ‘Some of the cell lines were from individuals with rare inborn errors of metabolism, although none suffered from a condition known to be associated with their APOE genotype.’
    • ‘There is a high frequency of inborn defects of respiratory organs and bronchiectasis.’
    • ‘An inborn error of metabolism is suggested by the high rate of occurrence within families.’
    • ‘Other causes of hypoglycaemia should be excluded; serum and urine samples must be taken at the time of hypoglycaemia for relevant investigations, in particular to exclude hyperinsulinaemia and inborn errors of metabolism.’
    • ‘Apart from these inborn defects, deprivation of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) at any time of life interferes with a step in collagen synthesis; the resulting bleeding, bruising, and poor healing are part of the picture of scurvy.’
    • ‘Some people believe that resilience is a trait that is inborn; you either have it or you don't.’
    • ‘Homosexuality is an inborn, biological trait just like heterosexuality.’
    • ‘The first question is one that cannot be answered with total certainty but, like most personality traits, psychopathy does in general seem to be inborn and genetically inherited.’
    • ‘A rare but important cause of tremor in the young is Wilson's disease, an inborn error of copper metabolism that can be fatal if left untreated.’
    • ‘People do seem to differ in their inborn ability to handle life's stresses.’
    • ‘Other items of an interest at the forum will be susceptibilities and inborn anomalies, determination of the phenotype, genealogical study and risk assessment prevention.’
    • ‘As an inborn metabolic error, it is extremely rare, with most of the few dozen cases occurring in Finland.’
    • ‘There are three main categories of congenital problems to be considered in pediatric patients: congenital malformations, inborn errors of metabolism, and other inherited disorders.’
    • ‘Many of these inborn errors of metabolism can lead to serious complications or even death if they're not controlled with diet or medication from an early age.’
    genetic, genetical, congenital, inherent, inherited, inbred, innate, in the family, in the blood, in the genes
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    1. 1.1 Natural to a person or animal.
      ‘people think doctors have inborn compassion’
      • ‘Early research has defined leadership in terms of innate individual traits: some people are somehow born with an inborn quality to lead.’
      • ‘Very little is known about the nature of inherited talents, of inborn gifts.’
      • ‘Loewe, from Spain, leads the path of luxurious elegance reserved for those women possessing natural, inborn style, who want to look refined and elegant, but not extravagant or overdone.’
      • ‘We have a natural, inborn tendency to try to be ‘nice guys’ even though this is absolutely contrary to anything that really works with women!’
      • ‘The difference between a good rider and a truly brilliant one comes down to sheer innate ability - something inborn that can enable such a jockey to win a race that others may not.’
      • ‘From an evolutionary perspective, aggression is a response to a potential threat or provocation across a variety of species and seems to be an inborn response tendency.’
      • ‘All human beings (except for the handful of deviants who call themselves naturalists) have an inborn sense of shame.’
      innate, congenital, existing from birth
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