Definition of inaudible in English:



  • Unable to be heard.

    ‘inaudible pulses of high-frequency sound’
    • ‘He read speeches in a soft voice sometimes inaudible in the crowd, smiled shyly and waved as if in amazement at all the attention.’
    • ‘I had to lean close to his face to hear the almost inaudible reply.’
    • ‘Ashlee muttered something inaudible, and then went to the bathroom to take her shower.’
    • ‘The last episode was particularly bad - at times the dialogue was almost inaudible under the music.’
    • ‘Damien mumbled an inaudible reply and began sipping his coffee.’
    • ‘And each time I left the little rooms I would hear another almost inaudible sigh of relief from behind me.’
    • ‘After a while, the faint, almost inaudible but unmistakable sound of footsteps could be heard.’
    • ‘Her voice is hushed just above the inaudible level, which might be because her voice is failing her after weeks of discussions.’
    • ‘Other mammals can hear frequencies that are inaudible to humans, both lower and higher.’
    • ‘Sighing with frustration, she mumbled something inaudible for a moment.’
    • ‘Mead muttered something inaudible and returned to the front of the room to continue with the lesson.’
    • ‘However, the main road is not far away - just far enough to render passing traffic inaudible.’
    • ‘He said the large aircraft must have been flying at 20,000 ft, high enough to be practically inaudible.’
    • ‘Otherwise, the guitars were just walls of noise and the singer was largely inaudible.’
    • ‘Brandon mumbled an inaudible reply before seating himself at the breakfast bar.’
    • ‘As they continued walking down the street, Alex mumbled something inaudible, obviously trying not to smile.’
    • ‘At times he seemed to be in a colloquy with his disciples, though sadly their questions were inaudible to us.’
    • ‘Outside all was quiet again until an almost inaudible knocking on the door.’
    • ‘Lyrics are either totally inaudible or are in Japanese, but you can scream along anyway.’
    • ‘Ashlee muttered something inaudible, and fixed her eyes on the ground.’
    unheard, not heard, out of earshot
    hard to hear, hard to make out, indistinct, imperceptible, faint, muted, soft, low, muffled, stifled, whispered, muttered, murmured, mumbled
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Late Middle English: from late Latin inaudibilis, from in- not + audibilis (see audible).