Definition of inattentive in English:



  • 1Not paying attention to something:

    ‘a particularly dull and inattentive pupil’
    • ‘The public is often inattentive to agency decision-making, and so public involvement is minimal (though organized interest groups do pay close attention, and are heavily involved in rule-making and implementation).’
    • ‘Other women who had assumed considerable responsibility for their family and the home recalled that their mothers had been particularly inattentive to them.’
    • ‘Early family therapy models tended to focus narrowly on the interior of the family, inattentive to larger sociocultural influences.’
    • ‘Some children are too hyperactive or inattentive to function in a regular classroom, even with medication and a behavior management plan.’
    • ‘His initial response to his wife's death was paralysis and guilt that his self-absorption in art had left him inattentive to her needs.’
    • ‘What happened to his father, of course, was his father got hammered by Democrats for seemingly being inattentive to an onset of a recession, and that's partly how he lost his job.’
    • ‘With regard to the second goal, therapists in general were relatively inattentive to empowering clients to resist gender-based expectations.’
    • ‘He wrote that contemporary literary criticism was too often ‘worldless’, by which he meant inattentive to the circumstances that press upon texts, writers and readers alike.’
    • ‘Parent-child communication within alcoholic families is often characterized as excessively critical, lacking warmth, and as inattentive to children's needs and feelings.’
    • ‘If one were weary at the end of the day, or careless at any time… one misstep, one inattentive moment and a fall was possible.’
    • ‘In every case, I was inattentive to something critical.’
    • ‘The client may be so relieved by the result as to be inattentive to further information, but it's important to reinforce that a negative test does not include ‘immunity’’
    • ‘If one believes that during a full moon there is an increase in accidents, one will notice when accidents occur during a full moon, but be inattentive to the moon when accidents occur at other times.’
    • ‘Legal scholars have concluded that half of the last 10 retirees have been too feeble or inattentive to fully participate in the work of the court.’
    • ‘Americans are notoriously inattentive to national politics and sensibly cynical about politicians.’
    • ‘Low energy prices, it said, ‘made the United States even more inattentive to the implications of half of its oil supply coming from other nations.’’
    • ‘Although a majority of Italians were peasants, Italian nationalism had been remarkably inattentive to the peasantry.’
    • ‘The mainstream dailies are so inattentive to their readers’ and advertisers’ needs it's sad, and they are not at all cost efficient.’
    • ‘It is, I suspect, a film that could not be made now, for modern audiences have become too inattentive to sit still long enough to watch the simple acts of living that it so lovingly portrays.’
    • ‘Not to be outdone, many historians came to consider scholars trained in economics to be overly narrow, inattentive to historical context, and interpretively reductionistic.’
    not concentrating, distracted, lacking concentration, preoccupied, absent-minded, daydreaming, dreamy, dreaming, wool-gathering, lost in thought, off in a world of one's own, in a brown study, with one's head in the clouds, abstracted, distrait, oblivious, not with us, unheeding
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    1. 1.1 Failing to attend to the comfort or wishes of others:
      ‘I was disappointed by the food and the inattentive service’
      • ‘The cooks in these big restaurants are often inattentive to customers.’
      • ‘Also recalling the inattentive service from Stephanie last night, we made sure to sit on the other side of the diner so we would have the same friendly, efficient waiter who served us on the way up.’
      • ‘If my service is rude or inattentive, I start subtracting from the tip.’
      • ‘The displays were drab, too few choices, the atmosphere lacklustre, the music no good, and worst of all, the attendants were complacent and inattentive.’
      • ‘Your attitude and demeanor can betray how you feel as clearly as inattentive service.’
      negligent, neglectful, remiss, slack, sloppy, slapdash, lackadaisical, lax
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