Definition of inarch in English:



[WITH OBJECT]Horticulture
  • Graft (a plant) by connecting a growing branch without separating it from its parent stock.

    ‘this infestation can be countered by inarching a tolerant rootstock’
    • ‘It usually requires from four to six years for layered or inarched trees to bear.’
    • ‘It is necessary to resort to inarching when the roots as well as the trunk have been girdled.’
    • ‘Other methods of propagation which are sometimes employed are inarching and shield-budding.’
    • ‘Some times, the grafting is done by inarching, but the process is cumbersome, expensive and not very satisfactory.’
    • ‘The method of inarching or approach grafting is quite cumbersome and time consuming, but it is still the leading method for commercial propagation of mango plants.’


Early 17th century (formerly also as enarch): from en-, in- ‘into’ + the verb arch.