Definition of inapplicable in English:



  • Not relevant or appropriate.

    ‘the details are likely to be inapplicable to other designs’
    • ‘It is believed that, in addition, the rule would be inapplicable if a clause respecting further advances to be made by the first mortgagee was brought to the second mortgagee's attention.’
    • ‘If these writers possessed some illumination in their own fields-English or Media Studies, say, or Semiotics-the term would be inapplicable.’
    • ‘So, what we have here is a situation where what we normally think of as legal procedures simply are inapplicable.’
    • ‘If the couple are mere cohabitants, the MWPA 1964 is inapplicable and on the face of it the common law rules will apply.’
    • ‘There is no evidence of such a payment so the general rule is inapplicable.’
    • ‘My research showed that the questionnaire concerned was basically inapplicable to general population groups.’
    • ‘But while these are promising examples of an approach that pursues truth above all else, they are inapplicable to the United States for two reasons.’
    • ‘With a late tax return showing a tax underpayment, the mailbox rule is inapplicable.’
    • ‘In sum, a careful analysis of the Levitt and Venkatesh study suggests that present orientation is at best an incomplete and often inapplicable theory of crime.’
    • ‘Take from it what you will, and ignore what you find inapplicable to your own life. I hope you find it as beautiful as I do.’
    • ‘A modified version of this argument seems to me much sounder in general, but inapplicable to the present case.’
    • ‘The current Apiculture Act, adopted in 1983, was completely inapplicable to new social conditions, the authors wrote in their reasoning for the bill.’
    • ‘Are such pronouncements context-specific in a way that renders them inapplicable today?’
    • ‘In these days, Parliament has passed one law, which it amended twice because it turned out that it is inapplicable in reality.’
    • ‘What's striking about this proposal is how utterly inapplicable those arguments are here.’
    • ‘He cited that the law was over 36 years old and was inapplicable to today's conditions and that it should be updated in order to more effectively deal with modern business operations.’
    • ‘Estimates based on proximal limb-bone circumference data are more accurate but are inapplicable where postcranial remains are unknown.’
    • ‘From the beginning of my promotion efforts it was evident that the consumer education model as applied to colleagues is inapplicable for our academic setting.’
    • ‘That fact makes certain legal rules formally inapplicable, and the novelty of the situation creates a dilemma for both the government and for immigrants.’
    • ‘We need to target resources towards generating relevant evidence rather than recycling inadequate or inapplicable evidence.’
    irrelevant, immaterial, not germane, not pertinent, unrelated, unconnected, extraneous, beside the point, nothing to do with it
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