Definition of inanity in English:



  • 1A nonsensical remark or action.

    ‘they utter whatever inanities will get them elected’
    • ‘Delving deep into their oeuvre, the band blasted out their tiresome inanities to the delighted faithful.’
    • ‘Uttering still more inanities about the oil situation, the news anchor also mentioned that the high price of oil is "creating headwinds for the otherwise very strong economy."’
    • ‘They prefer to boast about the tunes they download, or court publicity for their website inanities.’
    • ‘Viewers gazed in astonishment as the supposedly silver-tongued trial lawyer lurched from one inanity to the next.’
    • ‘A stream of prettily lilted inanities poured steadily, unquenchably into my ear.’
    • ‘It now seems natural that they utter whatever inanities will get them elected, then push their true agenda.’
    • ‘I laughed many times, but entire episodes went by where I would sit and wait for some obvious inanity to conclude.’
    • ‘Their strident views have, like so many conservative inanities, now become mainstream.’
    • ‘Our own TV personalities once again served up inanities from a year ago about the "day that changed the world".’
    • ‘Any error or inanities in my presentation, or in any detail of representation of my colleague's words or actions, is my responsibility, with apologies.’
    1. 1.1mass noun Lack of sense or meaning; silliness.
      ‘he commented on the breathtaking inanity of the board's decision’
      • ‘The general spirit of bonhomie and celebration lifts even curmudgeons like me over the worst stretches of inanity.’
      • ‘This fast-paced, energetic series of comic sketches tackles the inanity of media culture and the people who thrive on it.’
      • ‘To say that the "twist" in the plot is implausible certainly downplays the sheer inanity of it.’
      • ‘He says that the decision of the school board was one of breathtaking inanity.’
      • ‘He chuckles at the inanity of the idea of robotic soccer - do robots really need exercise?’
      • ‘The surprising thing here is not the over-the-top mayhem, but the inanity of the infrequent dialogue scenes.’
      • ‘This ridiculous sequel lives down to the inanity of its predecessor.’
      • ‘Anger and frustration at the inanity of America's political culture underscore the best humour here.’
      • ‘This film is more or less exactly why the average filmgoer prefers the inanity of quiz shows to unconventional arthouse fare.’
      • ‘He pokes fun at bourgeois inanity through the vehicle of the structured American sitcom.’