Definition of inadvisable in English:



  • Likely to have unfortunate consequences; unwise.

    with infinitive ‘it would be inadvisable to involve more than one architect’
    • ‘If you had a late night (which I did) and you're feeling a little worse for wear at work today because of it (which I am), it might be inadvisable to read this absolutely fascinating article about sleep.’
    • ‘The only problem is, of course, that browsing invariably leads to sudden bouts of inadvisable retail therapy.’
    • ‘I don't recall the Defense Department ever estimating casualties prior to the war, and there are obvious reasons why that may be inadvisable.’
    • ‘It would be inadvisable for an employer to conclude that because they had not witnessed harassment, that means it did not take place.’
    • ‘It is inadvisable to turn up for a job interview without the European Computer Driving Licence, the licence to drive computers.’
    • ‘A 100% mortgage, freeing up your deposit to pay for these extra costs, is inadvisable when some experts are predicting a housing crash.’
    • ‘It should not be taken by patients with severe unstable angina, or those who had recent heart attacks, or other conditions where sexual activity in inadvisable.’
    • ‘In fact, my only similarity with the ultimate rock 'n' roll axeman is that I also like drinking inadvisable quantities of Jack Daniel's.’
    • ‘Mugging became common, and although the increase of crime was exaggerated in the popular imagination it was certainly true that it became inadvisable to be alone in certain places at certain times.’
    • ‘I feel I must add that it is always easier to introduce something at a later stage (if necessary) than to remove that which has been introduced and found to be inadvisable or too restrictive.’
    • ‘It became clear that housing a million gallons of whisky and rum under one roof was inadvisable.’
    • ‘I've mentioned before about how it's probably inadvisable to listen to ambient electronica on headphones at work.’
    • ‘In fact, data consolidation imposes such catastrophic operational compromises as to render it practically impossible and commercially inadvisable to follow as a direction.’
    • ‘England remained a nation divided by class, and marriage between two different classes was viewed as inadvisable and, more often than not, socially incorrect.’
    • ‘However, it has been decided that it would be inadvisable to continue without major sponsorship.’
    • ‘Regardless of their luck or ability, taking a voyage without accurate charts is, at the least, inadvisable, if not foolhardy.’
    • ‘Many experience their first migraine in the same year as their first period - initial attacks often occur during the first three months of pregnancy when medication is inadvisable.’
    • ‘It is inadvisable to provide financial information to any company.’
    • ‘Many analysts believe that buying gold directly is inadvisable.’
    • ‘However, as a general rule it is most inadvisable to go out into water to try to rescue a dog.’
    unwise, ill-advised, imprudent, ill-judged, ill-considered, injudicious, impolitic, inexpedient, foolish, incautious, misguided, misconceived, wrong-headed, silly, thoughtless, foolhardy
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