Definition of inadvertent in English:



  • Not resulting from or achieved through deliberate planning.

    ‘an inadvertent administrative error occurred that resulted in an overpayment’
    ‘he was pardoned for inadvertent manslaughter’
    • ‘I doubt very much that the good judge requested that his inadvertent disclosure be off the record.’
    • ‘Studies show that persons deemed beautiful by social norm receive inadvertent preferential treatment.’
    • ‘The law should not pursue those allegedly guilty of minor, inadvertent or technical crimes decades ago, because to do so is disproportionate and oppressive.’
    • ‘There are other inadvertent legal forces that have contributed to this new monitoring regime, one of which is the expansion of sexual harassment law.’
    • ‘The students also had a certain stylistic flair, however inadvertent.’
    • ‘Casting a blank glance at me, he looks as though it is I who should apologize for his inadvertent offence.’
    • ‘There are two separate issues here: deliberate copying and stealing of information, and inadvertent copying and leaking.’
    • ‘Presumably, they acquired the disease through inadvertent exposure.’
    • ‘However, inadvertent contamination of some food products has been uncovered.’
    • ‘I made a mental note to leave more space between seedlings next time, although the effect I'd achieved by inadvertent crowding was lovely.’
    • ‘Biosecurity protocols and border testing are in place, and inadvertent contamination is under better control.’
    • ‘As a result of centuries of both deliberate and inadvertent plant breeding, the varieties used today have little resemblance with their wild ancestors.’
    • ‘Small amounts of exposure occur from inhalation, skin absorption, and inadvertent ingestion of contaminated soil or dust.’
    • ‘Second, convictions may become disclosed by the inadvertent disclosure or consent of the offender.’
    • ‘The inherent demeaning nature of such language is inadvertent, I am sure.’
    • ‘During normal engine operation, the inadvertent contamination of fuel by water and other contaminants must be tolerated.’
    • ‘Hand hygiene is believed to be the primary strategy for prevention of inadvertent inoculation or transmission of the virus.’
    • ‘This electoral process will be more transparent than in recent years, because of both intended and inadvertent government reforms.’
    • ‘There is no other evidence of actual or inadvertent disclosure to any third party.’
    • ‘Members of the defensive team need to be aware of an inadvertent or accidental tag of home plate by the catcher in such situations.’
    unintentional, unintended, accidental, unpremeditated, unplanned, unmeant, innocent, uncalculated, unconscious, unthinking, unwitting, involuntary
    chance, coincidental
    careless, thoughtless
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Mid 17th century (earlier ( late Middle English) as inadvertence): from in- ‘not’ + Latin advertent- turning the mind to (from the verb advertere).