Definition of inadvertency in English:



  • See inadvertent

    • ‘Such sustained confusion and a sense of ineffable, implicit meaning do appear to result in the person's consulting inadvertencies and trying to wrest meaning from them.’
    • ‘We do not really understand the origins of biological information, but I suspect there is a lot of inadvertency in those early events and in the choice of which particular nucleic acids and amino acids were employed when life began.’
    • ‘By an habitual inadvertency we render our selves incapable of any serious and improving thought, till our minds themselves become as light and frothy as those things they are conversant about.’
    • ‘This ‘popping up’ is one kind of inadvertency, not stimulated by anything around me, as far as I could tell at the time.’
    • ‘Perhaps it had worked all the better for its inadvertency.’