Definition of inadequately in English:



  • In a way that lacks the quality or quantity required; unsatisfactorily.

    ‘a hastily trained, inadequately equipped army’
    • ‘The average hours that are used to measure labor productivity may only inadequately reflect actual working hours.’
    • ‘Inadequately rested crews flying $24 million aircraft just does not pass the common-sense test.’
    • ‘Inadequately trained employees can ruin a company.’
    • ‘Eliminating peer review would increase the risk of early release of reports containing misleading and inadequately evaluated information.’
    • ‘We apologize for including that inadequately supported statement in our report.’
    • ‘This savings plan can be used to top up a pension that has been funded inadequately.’
    • ‘All other performing art forms are resourced, however inadequately.’
    • ‘Once inside, he often endured endless waits in uncomfortable settings, in crowded or inadequately equipped hospitals.’
    • ‘According to students, schools respond inadequately, if at all, to reported incidents of bullying.’
    • ‘One early sign of inadequately handled conflict is a lack of discussion about contentious topics.’