Definition of in vacuo in English:

in vacuo


  • 1In a vacuum.

    ‘the hydrochloric acid was removed by evaporation in vacuo’
    • ‘The mixture is concentrated in vacuo and the residue is purified by flash chromatography if necessary.’
    • ‘Bulk solvent effects with IEF-PCM about the dihydrated systems almost invert the stability order found in vacuo.’
    • ‘The energetics of the elementary reactions in vacuo, were calculated, using the Slater type orbital based ADF package.’
    • ‘The present invention relates to a furnace for heat treatment in vacuo, with cooling by a gas stream.’
    • ‘The distribution of temperature along a thin rod or wire electrically heated in vacuo has been studied both theoretically and experimentally by several authors.’
    1. 1.1 Away from or without the normal context or environment.
      ‘instead of dealing with individual aspects of lifestyle in vacuo, social factors are taken into account’
      • ‘You still need to make the calculation in vacuo to be able to compare the results with the experimental value.’




in vacuo

/ɪn ˈvakjʊəʊ/