Definition of in the saddle in English:

in the saddle


  • 1On horseback.

    ‘a six-day trail ride, with six hours daily in the saddle’
    • ‘For any type of riding, you must have forward motion, but many riders hinder this by not sitting up in the saddle.’
    • ‘Warm temperatures during the week made plenty of stops essential to water the horses but the riders coped well, spending up to six hours a day in the saddle.’
    • ‘A lot of beginners can be rhythmical on the ground but once they're in the saddle, they tend to hold their breath and react when they get frightened.’
    • ‘Manolo, the horseman, haggard after twelve hours in the saddle and a sleepless night, reached out to shake me fully awake.’
    • ‘Stewards found the racecourse had been used as a training ground and that jockey Timmy Murphy had made insufficient effort in the saddle.’
    • ‘Mrs Tomlinson and her brother aim to finish the journey in three weeks and will spend five or six hours a day in the saddle.’
    • ‘By the end of the lesson, she is sitting deep in the saddle as her horse canters in a controlled, relaxed manner.’
    • ‘Sitting deeply in the saddle will encourage the horse to slow down and take shorter steps.’
    • ‘The Irish rider, winner of six jockey titles in the UK, has few equals in the saddle and boasts a habit of bouncing back from troubles.’
    • ‘If your legs are weak, your entire sense of balance in the saddle will be off.’
    1. 1.1 In a position of control or responsibility.
      ‘strategic Toryism must get back in the saddle’
      • ‘Army careers were flexible in the 19th century, and there is no reason why Hervey should not stay in the saddle almost till Crimea.’
      • ‘Back in the saddle again, we go, folks, with all placid on the Y2K front, bogus threat that it was.’
      • ‘It's one of Cronenberg's best works, and may just put him back in the saddle with the non-arthouse crowds.’
      • ‘The drama immediately puts the working class in the saddle as the necessary actor and rescuer of the said society.’
      • ‘Jonathan has already contacted clients telling them about his mishap and is looking forward to getting straight back in the saddle.’
      • ‘He must be thrilled to be back in the saddle, running for president, which is the only thing he knows how to do.’
      • ‘He actually became a judge at the unusual age of 15 and his reputation kept him in the saddle ever since.’
      in charge, in command, in control, responsible, at the top, in authority, in the seat of authority, at the wheel, in the driving seat, at the helm
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