Definition of in the light of (or in light of) in English:

in the light of (or in light of)


  • Taking (something) into consideration.

    ‘the exorbitant prices are explainable in the light of the facts’
    • ‘Please note that the policy will be reviewed in the light of the many comments received on this’
    • ‘In the light of what happened at Newcastle, it had been decided that it would not be in the public interest to proceed with the two charges today.’
    • ‘Planning applications should continue to be considered in the light of current policies.’
    • ‘Our task is to evaluate the ensuing legislation in the light of all these matters.’
    • ‘His position is becoming more untenable in the light of more revelations that have come out.’
    • ‘In light of what just happened they decided to miss the next lesson.’
    • ‘Still, in the light of subsequent events that night, it was a good job they upgraded me to a double room.’
    • ‘In the light of my conclusion it is unnecessary to express an opinion on this argument.’
    • ‘Those words were wiser than even he realised in the light of what was to happen a mere 20 years later.’
    • ‘It is true that memories and past experiences often have to be reassessed in the light of new situations.’
    taking into consideration, considering, taking into account, bearing in mind, keeping in mind, mindful of, taking note of, in view of
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