Definition of in the gift of in English:

in the gift of


  • (of a Church living or official appointment) in the power of (someone) to award.

    ‘nine seats in parliament were now in his gift’
    • ‘The row began when the church questioned whether the Queen had ever bestowed the highest honour in her gift, the Order of the Thistle, on a Catholic.’
    • ‘The type of honours he was bandying about are generally not even in the gift of politicians.’
    • ‘Labour delegates have it in their gift today to hold their leaders to account and uphold the cause of peace and self-determination.’
    • ‘This appointment was largely in the gift of the Lord Advocate himself.’
    • ‘To the consumer including the haulier and the farmer it is clear that if the price of crude oil is not in the gift of the government, the tax element is, and, therefore, they could change it.’
    • ‘It's something he has had to deal with but, then, it is in his gift to do so.’
    • ‘The spokeswoman said: ‘It is entirely in the gift of the Queen.’’
    • ‘He has 12 cabinet positions to give out, and a further 15 junior ministries in his gift, a total of 27 positions.’
    • ‘Membership of Parliament was largely in the gift of the rich.’
    • ‘All that she needs to do is appoint judges as part-timers, and then it is in her gift to convert them to full-timers, as and when a vacancy occurs, so that there are no more vacancies for some time.’