Definition of in the clear in English:

in the clear


  • 1No longer in danger or under suspicion.

    ‘the information put her in the clear’
    • ‘The contract I signed initially didn't say anything past the probation period, so I was in the clear to resign without notice.’
    • ‘But we also saw the light and knew that by Thursday we would be in the clear.’
    • ‘So, thinking I was in the clear, I went about my business, free-wheeling and fancy-free the whole time.’
    • ‘Just because someone in a bad spot is forced to sign a legal disclaimer, that doesn't mean the people making the decisions are in the clear morally.’
    • ‘So, it's still not in the clear, by any stretch of the imagination.’
    • ‘He says this now means the rest of the team is in the clear.’
    • ‘But now I've also been in the team, I am in the team, I've got those results and yeah, I'm in the clear.’
    • ‘You had a fleeting thought about getting caught when you made your plans three weeks ago, but you figured you were in the clear.’
    • ‘Well, I wouldn't say they're in the clear yet, but it's certainly died down a bit.’
    • ‘Then I was in the clear, free from any desire to smoke.’
    completely, totally, utterly, entirely, absolutely, thoroughly, wholly, through and through, one hundred per cent, lock, stock, and barrel
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  • 2With nothing to hinder one in achieving something.

    ‘a cross from O'Neill left Hughes in the clear with not even the goalkeeper to beat’
    • ‘Their only genuine chance of the half came on 34 minutes when Lee Nogan seized on a bad pass, drew a Cheltenham defender and released Michael Proctor in the clear.’
    • ‘He might think he's in the clear now but that's not his real trouble.’
    • ‘Johansson found himself in the clear in the 67th minute but lofted his effort over the top after Bartlett had played the ball across the face of the area.’
    • ‘The manoeuvre saw him finally in the clear and he finished like the proverbial express train, but alas it was all too late, and he had to settle for fourth place.’
    • ‘Another fine chance went begging midway through the half when he cleverly put him in the clear, but for once the ace marksman's finishing let him down.’
    • ‘Ten minutes later and Parkin was put in the clear by Lee Bullock.’
    • ‘The same applies for the Hearts match, so it looks like I'm in the clear.’
    • ‘Just before the half hour, a inocuous-looking pass deceived Aberdeen's central defence, and he was in the clear.’
    • ‘Another good sweeping move again put Cooke in the clear.’
    • ‘I think my family always knew I was a fighter and would battle it all the way, but there was still a look of surprise on their faces when I said I was in the clear.’
    innocent, blameless, free from guilt, free from blame, not to blame, without fault, above reproach, beyond criticism, above suspicion, in the clear, uncensurable, unimpeachable, irreproachable, faultless, sinless, spotless, stainless, immaculate, unsullied, uncorrupted, undefiled, untainted, unblemished, untarnished, impeccable
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