Definition of in tears in English:

in tears


  • Crying.

    ‘he was so hurt by her attitude he was nearly in tears’
    • ‘I kept falling over, and in places I got so annoyed with myself that I was nearly in tears.’
    • ‘Residents were calling the police in tears after their cars were targeted during a late night rampage.’
    • ‘Hugging their flags, their heads bowed, men and women were in tears as they quickly made their way home.’
    • ‘When the former bride finally saw an image of the painting, she was nearly in tears.’
    • ‘In fact, even people who weren't particularly close to her ended up in tears.’
    • ‘I showed him the car so that he knew I wasn't lying to him, and he was nearly in tears.’
    • ‘I certainly did not expect to spend the first day of my honeymoon in tears.’
    • ‘Police said afterwards that Mr Croxford's family was in tears and too upset to talk to the press.’
    • ‘Mrs Griffiths left the court in tears as Dr White said he had to live with the realisation that he had caused her death.’
    • ‘He knew something had gone terribly wrong when a nurse ran past in tears.’
    crying, weeping, sobbing, wailing, howling, bawling, whimpering
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