Definition of in ruins in English:

in ruins


  • In a state of complete disorder or disintegration.

    ‘the economy was in ruins’
    • ‘The 700-year-old Muslim fort was in ruins, but the promise was made that it would be repaired and restored.’
    • ‘As of early June, the town was still in ruins, and no economy activity had resumed.’
    • ‘All our hopes and ambitions, our life's work, were in ruins.’
    • ‘While it was mostly in ruins, a tall tower that looked more like it belonged on a castle than an abbey rose imperiously over the grounds.’
    • ‘Then she switches into attack mode, and plays destructive head games until the relationship lies in ruins.’
    • ‘A little girl's Christmas is in ruins after burglars broke into a house and stole her presents.’
    • ‘A York academic and ‘pillar of the community’ was today starting a prison sentence with his career in ruins.’
    • ‘Plans to create a £23m showpiece military museum alongside a huge Army base in Yorkshire are in ruins.’
    • ‘The owner locked the property in Coombe Road at 5pm on Saturday and returned at 9am on Sunday to find the salon in ruins.’
    • ‘Built in the late 1400s, this Norman tower house was in ruins when Hurley started his labour of love.’
    derelict, ruined, gone to rack and ruin, in disrepair, falling to pieces, falling apart, dilapidated, tumbledown, ramshackle, broken-down, decrepit, decaying, ruinous
    destroyed, ruined, in pieces, in ashes, falling down about one's ears
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