Definition of in progress in English:

in progress


  • In the course of being done or carried out.

    ‘a meeting was in progress’
    • ‘In summary, the earth is a natural spaceship where evolution of life and mind is in progress.’
    • ‘He also says he was told the wrong time, so the meeting was already in progress by the time he got there.’
    • ‘In order to overcome this problem, field trials of stainless wagons are in progress.’
    • ‘In 1963, when the tunnel was built, it was part of the brave new world that was already in progress.’
    • ‘There was an acceptance that some deals were taking longer than expected, but they were well in progress.’
    • ‘Three works in progress hang along one wall - different combinations of black squares.’
    • ‘The updated forecast is based on new data about investments currently in progress.’
    • ‘Everyone is invited to watch the competition in progress from the club's excellent viewing area.’
    • ‘The officer confirmed that an ongoing operation was in progress at Tilbury.’
    • ‘A second art course is in progress and an autumn break in the Galway Bay Hotel is planned.’
    under way, going on, ongoing, happening, occurring, taking place, proceeding, being done, being performed, continuing, in operation
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