Definition of in plain sight (or view) in English:

in plain sight (or view)


North American
  • In a place that is clearly visible.

    ‘very important clues are hidden in plain sight’
    • ‘Never leave your laptop in plain sight; cover it or put it in the trunk.’
    • ‘Officers found the fragment of one bullet lying in plain sight on the vehicle's driver's seat.’
    • ‘The card is placed out of play but kept in plain sight.’
    • ‘The card was hidden in plain view - not concealed under, inside or beneath anything - but that didn't seem to make it easy to find.’
    • ‘There are many unsolved mysteries in the decorative arts, and, as in some detective stories, the clue to their solution has been in plain sight all the time.’
    • ‘The blackmail note that the police are looking for is in plain sight.’
    • ‘At times in this game, you'll be spotted despite the fact that you are seemingly well hidden, and at other times a guard will look right through you when you're standing in plain view.’
    • ‘The ancient mysteries are hidden in plain sight.’
    • ‘The enemy is in plain sight, caught in their cross hairs.’
    • ‘He notices a hawk resting in plain view on a tree limb a hundred yards distant.’
    • ‘Even now, watching this ballet, I have "eureka" moments when I discover another bit of meaning hidden in plain sight.’
    • ‘She was in plain view all the time, but everyone was so worried they didn't see her.’
    • ‘The footage was shot in plain view of the authorities who were present.’
    • ‘Often, these places post the nutrition information of their menus in plain view.’
    • ‘His appearance is unremarkable, and that makes it possible for him to hide in plain sight.’