Definition of in one piece in English:

in one piece


  • Unharmed or undamaged, especially after a dangerous experience.

    ‘don't worry, I'll get you there in one piece’
    • ‘Although the media leaders look as if they came back in one piece, they have actually suffered inside.’
    • ‘When you meddle with them, you are lucky if you come out all in one piece.’
    • ‘Instead of accepting inevitable defeat and withdrawing with his forces in one piece, he fought and lost.’
    • ‘Anyhow, despite most of us taking the wrong exit off the highway, we all got there in one piece.’
    • ‘I was given a prompt refusal when I asked for a guarantee that my computer would reach Delhi in one piece.’
    • ‘He is expected to perform at this team, just as he did at Williams, but he is also expected to score points by bringing the car home in one piece.’
    • ‘I made it out of Swansea in one piece and began my trek up the coast of Wales.’
    • ‘Her face was streaked with water and dust, and she was trembling visibly, but she seemed to be in one piece.’
    • ‘I made it back from Berkshire in one piece - I was sorry to leave, but it's good to be back home again.’
    • ‘All Ray wants to do is avoid arguments and get through it in one piece.’
    unbroken, entire, whole, intact, undamaged, unharmed, unmarked, untouched, unspoilt
    unhurt, uninjured, unscathed, safe, safe and sound
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