Definition of in one's mind's eye in English:

in one's mind's eye


  • In one's imagination.

    ‘his face was very clear in her mind's eye’
    • ‘Victims testify to the pain they endured; experts speak to the effects of these injuries; lawyers furnish evidence of the damage so that the judges or jury can see it literally or imagine it in their mind's eye.’
    • ‘He took another, and pictured a crystal clear pool in his mind's eye.’
    • ‘You don't know what's really there and what's in your mind's eye.’
    • ‘Although I'm not in the habit of remembering most of my dreams, I do retain surprisingly clear memories of all of these people in my mind's eye, along with a few of the events which surrounded them.’
    • ‘Then he employed his tactics in his mind's eye, imagining various scenarios which would call for certain actions.’
    • ‘He tried, in his mind's eye, to imagine a way out of this situation, but the more he thought about it, the more he believed that there was no way!’
    • ‘I have watched a coconut sapling slowly grow into a tree and imagined it ever so often in my mind's eye before going to sleep.’
    • ‘I can imagine, in my mind's eye, the process of how Excoffon may have developed a final pictograph.’
    • ‘He shut his eyes and tried to imagine the scene in his mind's eye as he knew it ought to look.’
    • ‘She imagined it in her mind's eye as she sat on a chair on the balcony and looked out onto the city.’