Definition of in one's blood in English:

in one's blood


  • Ingrained in or fundamental to one's character.

    ‘racing is in his blood’
    • ‘The judge explained that the son of the thief was a natural; it was in his blood to steal.’
    • ‘But I guess they say, sometimes, you know, if you're an actor, it's in your blood.’
    • ‘It sounds like you're a baby boomer activist… like all this community work is in your blood.’
    • ‘Women have this naturally in their blood so how do you prove that the levels are unnatural and giving the athlete an unfair advantage.’
    • ‘It comes naturally to us; it runs in our blood,’ the maestro mused.’
    • ‘It has to be in your blood because there's no other reason to do it, unless you really have to.’
    • ‘Like you, starting way back when in radio, it's in your blood.’
    • ‘He said: ‘Racing is in my blood and I have always wanted to try my hand at racing boats.’’
    • ‘Tell them that you belong to that top-notch family of frauds and scams related persons, tell them that the worlds best scam ideas run in your blood from generations to generation.’
    • ‘Born in London in September 1950, Sheene had motor racing in his blood.’
    innate, congenital, existing from birth
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