Definition of in on in English:

in on


  • Privy to (a secret).

    • ‘Neither party leader will even let their own public in on that, even if they had a clue.’
    • ‘The filmmaker's intention is not to make fun of the audience but to let them in on the joke.’
    • ‘Everybody likes to be in on a secret, in at the start of something big.’
    • ‘Ben must have been in on the secret too, because he refused to take off his clothes.’
    • ‘Yet if they did they sure as hell weren't letting us in on what should hardly have been a secret.’
    • ‘That we hear not even a peep from him is presumably due to the fact that too many sponsors and cronies are in on the great land scam.’
    privy to, aware of, acquainted with, informed about, informed of, advised of, apprised of, mindful of, sensible of
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