Definition of in moderation in English:

in moderation


  • Within reasonable limits; not to excess.

    ‘nuts can be eaten in moderation’
    • ‘When it comes to dieting, the official view - eat a balanced diet in moderation, and do exercise - is probably the right one.’
    • ‘The team at Stirling University have discovered workers of both sexes who drink in moderation tend to earn more than their teetotal colleagues.’
    • ‘There's nothing wrong with eating fatty foods, as long as it's in moderation.’
    • ‘When used in moderation or used in excess on an infrequent basis, the primary effects can be short term.’
    • ‘Hence the need to regularly swim, cycle, or walk - all in moderation and within your limits of course.’
    • ‘I even learned to drink, in moderation, and eat very slowly into the night.’
    • ‘I've heard many, many times that you can eat these other things in moderation.’
    • ‘Be casual, active, and have an outgoing personality, but do it in moderation.’
    • ‘They have the trick of drinking alcohol in moderation.’
    • ‘If you drink beverages that contain alcohol, do so only in moderation, and eat food before you have a drink.’
    in moderate quantities, in moderate amounts, within reasonable limits, within sensible limits, within limits, within bounds, within due limits
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