Definition of in duplicate in English:

in duplicate


  • 1Twice in exactly the same way.

    • ‘The quantitative pilocarpine iontophoresis tests were performed with measurements of sweat weight and chloride concentrations in duplicate, with sweat specimens being collected concurrently from the right and left arm.’
    • ‘Eight commercially available clones containing intergenic regions from the yeast genome were used in duplicate as hybridization and data analysis controls.’
    • ‘Within an experiment, all strains were grown in duplicate at each pheromone concentration and plates were randomly distributed in a sealed plastic Tupperware container with a moist paper towel to prevent drying of the small plates.’
    • ‘Each sample was analyzed in duplicate, and the means of the duplicates served as data.’
    • ‘The screen was performed in duplicate and repeated twice, and mutants common to both screens were characterized further.’
    • ‘Each DNA specimen was analyzed at least twice in duplicate.’
    • ‘All samples were run in duplicate and the results were expressed as HIV RNA copies/ml.’
    • ‘Experiments were done in duplicate and a comparison of duplicates showed good agreement.’
    • ‘The experiment was performed at least twice in duplicate.’
    • ‘A dilution series of each experimental sample was generated and run in duplicate.’
    1. 1.1 Consisting of two exact copies.
      ‘forms to complete in duplicate’
      • ‘‘The only difference is that paper tickets are printed out in duplicate, whilst e-tickets are stored safely in our computer system,’ she said.’
      • ‘With a changed political topography, all major public buildings - museums and opera house - were now in duplicate.’
      • ‘Take note that this was in duplicate, with color, too - there were some parts which had to be in red font.’
      • ‘The Application for licensing as a Customs and Excise bonded warehouse should be made on the letterhead of the applicant in duplicate and addressed to the Commissioner for Customs and Excise.’