Definition of in due course in English:

in due course


  • At the appropriate time.

    ‘the range will be extended in due course’
    • ‘The engineers said they would consider this and will come back with a response in due course.’
    • ‘I shall hear counsel on the appropriate form of order to be made in due course.’
    • ‘A decision on the matter will be made in accordance with the regulations in due course.’
    • ‘We realise he was not the owner and everything was cleared in due course.’
    • ‘The subject appears to be a political exercise that will die its natural death in due course.’
    • ‘I'm sure it will be repeated in due course, and if you didn't see it, I would recommend that you do.’
    • ‘I will write more in due course about the project and post some pictures, which I can't wait to do.’
    • ‘It is only an experiment, and obviously it will be evaluated in due course.’
    • ‘Numerous other events are being planned and these will be published in due course.’
    • ‘The annual school tour plans are well underway and parents will be notified in due course.’
    at the appropriate time, when the time is ripe, in time, in due time, in the fullness of time, in the course of time, at a later time, at a later date, at length, at a future date, at a future time, at some point in the future, in the future, in time to come, as time goes by, as time goes on, by and by, one day, some day, sooner or later, in a while, after a bit, eventually
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