Definition of in deference to in English:

in deference to


  • Out of respect for; in consideration of.

    ‘in deference to her wishes we spent two weeks on the coast’
    • ‘We would be doing a public disservice if, in deference to ancient law, we were to invalidate a simple, sensible, and practical formula for ascertaining a fair and reasonable price.’
    • ‘The Good Friday procession, which symbolises Christ's path to his crucifixion, was modified in deference to the Pope's age and health.’
    • ‘The identity of the surrogate mother, the woman who had carried the baby to term for the couple, was not disclosed in deference to her wish.’
    • ‘He kissed Greek soil, which was held up in a basket in deference to his fragile physical state.’
    • ‘The respected Maori member Mita Ririnui graciously gave up his speaking slot in deference to his colleague Tariana Turia, who had previously been denied a slot.’
    • ‘They either watch me march away or hurriedly dash to me with an immediate, apologetic and cursory check of my goods, in deference to my self-conferred diplomatic status.’
    • ‘But in deference to my first correspondent I will name another case, and there may be others.’
    • ‘He goes along with the fooling of Malvolio in deference to his betters, but he gives us the distinct impression that it leaves a nasty taste in his mouth.’
    • ‘The team was named Celtic, in deference to Brother Walfrid's wishes, who felt that this name would encompass both its Irish and Scottish roots.’
    • ‘I have said ‘responsibility’ because, in deference to those who struggled and fought for this right, it is our responsibility to use it.’