Definition of in control in English:

in control


  • Able to direct a situation, person, or activity.

    ‘from the beginning he has been in control of his own destiny’
    • ‘When someone thinks they are in control they will take enormous risks without flinching.’
    • ‘Waiting too long can leave you feeling that you're not in control of other aspects of your life.’
    • ‘They are rarely in control of all that goes on in front of and behind the camera and thus have to leave a great deal to fate.’
    • ‘I feel much more in control of my life though, and I feel on track to sort that little problem out now.’
    • ‘It all takes place when the patient is in a relaxed state of mind, but still in control of their actions.’
    • ‘He can decide on the spur of the moment whether to do a concert or not and is totally in control of his life.’
    • ‘So, are these people who appear to be totally in control and know exactly what they want any happier?’
    • ‘People need to feel that they are in control of their health and that what they do directly impinges on it.’
    • ‘His letter confirmed that the council knows what it is doing and is in control.’
    • ‘It's all very efficient but strange for me to not be in control of a situation for the first time.’
    in charge, in command, in control, responsible, at the top, in authority, in the seat of authority, at the wheel, in the driving seat, in the saddle
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