Definition of in concert in English:

in concert


  • 1Acting jointly.

    ‘we must take action in concert with our European partners’
    • ‘Well, this obviously was a decision that was made in concert with the White House.’
    • ‘Fontaine urged the minister to start the process over again, this time working in concert with the AFN and the chiefs.’
    • ‘The real community leaders must be empowered to act in concert with the honest police officers to stamp out criminal operators.’
    • ‘The United States can be more effective and most effective when it's working in concert with its allies.’
    • ‘Then, even if this first criterion is satisfied, the United States is required to act in concert with the United Nations.’
    • ‘But it also makes him sound partisan enough to have forged them in concert with other Democrats.’
    • ‘And I think the real question here is how we proceed now in concert with the Europeans.’
    • ‘Why does the left, in concert with the mainstream press, treat this as non-news?’
    • ‘It's a simple way of getting groups of individuals to act in concert with each other.’
    • ‘For Spain, in concert with America and France, shared the watch of North Africa.’
    together, jointly, in combination, in collaboration, in cooperation, in league, shoulder to shoulder, side by side, cooperatively, concertedly
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  • 2(of music or a performer) giving a public performance; live.

    ‘they saw Pink Floyd in concert’
    • ‘Because it is seldom heard in concert, it has gained less popularity among the public.’
    • ‘My most memorable time by far was performing in concert by candlelight in the gallery when the lights went out.’
    • ‘All three are performing in concert, ruling out any preposterous demands from artistic directors.’
    • ‘Now my wife and I can honestly say we've seen The Beatles live in concert.’
    • ‘They will perform in concert in the Downhill Hotel on Thursday night, 26th July.’
    • ‘Everyone who knows me well knows that I am crazy about them and that my lifetime goal was to see them live in concert.’
    • ‘And I gave up, without another thought, my only chance to see her live in concert.’
    • ‘All of them could be ripped up and roared out live in concert.’
    • ‘Wiltshire's library users are now able to pick up DVDs of top chart performers in concert.’
    • ‘Then last year I bought a music DVD of the man himself in concert.’