Definition of in chief in English:

in chief


  • At the top; in the upper part.

    See also -in-chief
    • ‘Which begs the question: When did the president become theologian in chief?’
    • ‘This is written by a team of experienced journalists under the guidance of the editor in chief.’
    • ‘In her evidence in chief she described the indecent assault that founded Count 4.’
    • ‘Being the commander in chief of the Greek armies, Agamemnon's thousand-ship fleet is en route to Troy.’
    • ‘Fortunately, the President is the commander in chief, not the theologian in chief.’
    • ‘Soon after, he became editor in chief and associate publisher, positions he continues to hold today.’
    • ‘Remarkably that allegation was not in the evidence in chief.’
    • ‘You are the manager in chief of a public company, infamous for your undemocratic behaviour and love for power.’
    • ‘His margin of victory can be taken as evidence that the majority of Americans have confidence in him as the commander in chief.’
    • ‘In his witness statement, which stood as his evidence in chief, he said this.’