Definition of in bud in English:

in bud


  • (of a plant) having newly formed buds.

    ‘pale pink flowers which are of deeper colour in bud’
    • ‘Oil is strongest when the plant is in bud but before flowers open.’
    • ‘Aromatic oils are most concentrated when herb plants are in bud, so that's a good time to harvest, although you can certainly take cuttings here and there during the growing season.’
    • ‘This spring-flowering species has elegant slender stems, suspended from which are pendulous bell-shaped flowers, very green in bud, opening to cream, crisscrossed with green and maroon netted markings.’
    • ‘Only a few flowers of Utricularia cornuta, normally abundant at this season, were noted; and Lophiola aurea, another plant normally in good bloom at this date, was in bud only.’
    • ‘During a field visit the following spring, approximately 100 plants were observed, mostly in bud, on a seasonally moist, sandy substrate with vegetation mowed on a regular basis.’
    • ‘A suburban landscape, neatly mowed lawns, trees in bud, faces I have known all or the better part of my life, the backdrop of my childhood.’
    • ‘About 10 percent of the population was in bud or early flower on that date, but many plants were still in a pre-bud stage.’
    • ‘Spring bulbs and wild flowers are in bud, some in bloom.’
    • ‘The late spring blossom is pink in bud, opening white, and the ovoid fruits, which are brilliant orange-red, deepening to crimson, last extremely well despite their appetising colouring.’
    • ‘You can buy the bulbs and pot them up or plants will be available in bud.’