Definition of in advance in English:

in advance


  • Ahead in time.

    ‘you need to book weeks in advance’
    • ‘Postal votes have been available in the town before, but voters had to apply in advance.’
    • ‘If booking things weeks in advance is the only way to get in, that's what we do.’
    • ‘The salad can be prepared hours in advance and the champagne poured over just before serving.’
    • ‘If you know what you are going to buy in advance, ring ahead to check availability.’
    • ‘Some free or cheap accommodation will be available to people booking in advance.’
    • ‘I said he should come and stay but warned him to make sure he booked far in advance.’
    • ‘You are advised to book in advance or turn up early because tickets sell-out quickly.’
    • ‘The travel agent told me that there are only so many cheap seats, and you have to book well in advance to get one.’
    • ‘That'll teach us to be the only people in Dallas who bothered to book a table in advance and order a meal.’
    • ‘Hardwick airfield is on private property, so you need to arrange your visit in advance.’
    • ‘I had the impression that guest speaking gigs at Harvard were booked well in advance.’
    • ‘Fifteen is one of the most sought after venues in the capital and is booked up months in advance.’
    • ‘So popular has it proved that you have to book days in advance to be sure of getting in.’
    • ‘The fares must include two nights or a Saturday night and be booked seven days in advance.’
    • ‘Book a taxi home well in advance as this is the busiest time of year for taxi drivers.’
    • ‘Owners book their dogs into the hotel in advance for anything from half a day to full-time.’
    • ‘Those lucky enough to be able to book well in advance can dive at the Island of Cabrera.’
    • ‘It could take half an hour to reach this temperature, so do it well in advance.’
    • ‘Space for bicycles is limited on Scotrail trains, and so book a place in advance.’
    • ‘A range of massage and other treatments can be booked in advance for an extra charge.’
    beforehand, before, ahead of time, earlier, previously, in readiness
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