Definition of in accord with in English:

in accord with


  • According to.

    ‘things didn't happen quite in accord with expectations’
    • ‘The format was prepared in accord with recommendations set forth by Dillman.’
    • ‘Care and handling of the animals was in accord with National Institutes of Health guidelines.’
    • ‘I have since recanted my statement, in accord with the truth, and have apologized for my misinformation.’
    • ‘For her to address this issue is not only completely in accord with constitutional propriety - it is precisely what she is for.’
    • ‘All persons deserve respect in accord with their human dignity.’
    • ‘The jury's decision suggested that the politician had not acted fully in accord with the demands of honor.’
    • ‘Liberals now lambast him daily for failing to act through multilateral institutions and in accord with international law.’
    • ‘Maclean retained his early idealism and lived a life fully in accord with his Communist principles, eschewing all privileges.’
    • ‘In comparison, she would have us view her chastity at university as sunnily in accord with the morality of the day.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the software giant says it believes it pays employees in accord with all prevailing laws.’
    • ‘We all know that as hard as we try to be good, follow God's commands, and act in accord with his will, we fall short and sin.’
    • ‘That relationship was conditional, only for certain things, in accord with the laws of each country, and with the customs of those so engaged.’
    • ‘She is indulging her passion for running other people's lives in accord with her own personal prejudices.’
    • ‘And then a committee could try to revamp the rules in accord with the wish of the majority.’
    • ‘To be truly fashionable, the union argued, clothing had to be produced in accord with standards of decency.’
    • ‘Plans can be rejected if found to be not in accord with this process and regional heads face sanctions depending on the severity of the mistake.’
    • ‘For Wolf, free will concerns an agent's ability to act in accord with the True and the Good.’
    • ‘Which brings us again to the bishops, who more than anyone should try to govern in accord with divine justice and mercy.’
    • ‘Even very stupid bots can appear intelligent if they are acting in accord with our preconceptions.’
    • ‘The importance of experience and the ability to check that key staff members are acting in accord with procedure has been pointed up.’
    consistent with, in harmony with, in accord with, in accordance with, in agreement with, in line with, in character with, true to, compatible with, congruent with, commensurate with
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