Definition of in a snap in English:

in a snap


North American
  • In a moment; almost immediately.

    ‘gourmet-quality meals are ready in a snap’
    • ‘What other Democrat can raise their first $100 million in a snap?’
    • ‘The problems are too complex to be fixed in a snap.’
    • ‘Her eyes opened in a snap and they dropped on Ian.’
    • ‘She wasn't stupid; she'd figure out his feelings in a snap.’
    • ‘But it wasn't just a bump… this isn't one of those problems that you can just fix in a snap.’
    • ‘If he were looking for places to go, I could suggest one in a snap.’
    • ‘Simply twist the unique rotating camera barrel, and automatically the 2 megapixel camera is ready to shoot high quality photos, in a snap.’
    • ‘We looked over the results; the testricine explained what they'd done, and how she'd not only got everything right but done so in a snap.’
    • ‘We admire their easy disposition - seeds germinate in a snap, and plants thrive on heat, don't require tons of water or fertilizer, and rarely need staking.’
    • ‘And it takes you to the company's Web page in a snap.’
    soon, very soon, in a second, in a minute, in a moment, in a trice, in a flash, shortly, any second, any minute, any minute now, in a short time, in an instant, in less than no time, in no time at all, in next to no time, before you know it, before long
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