Definition of in a big way in English:

in a big way


  • To a great extent or high degree.

    ‘he contributed to the film in a big way’
    • ‘We are told that corporates have taken to such dance lessons in a big way.’
    • ‘People, especially those in the bigger cities, are investing in a big way in mutual funds.’
    • ‘That affected me in a big way - I think I'm only now beginning to come to terms with it.’
    • ‘Apologies for last week, but lethargy and apathy set in in a big way.’
    • ‘If the project takes off in a big way, the potential for a more realistic movie experience may not be very far off.’
    • ‘It is a wonderful example of how Canadian films are breaking into new territory in a big way.’
    • ‘That which was not necessarily noticed in a big way would suddenly become the focus of everybody's attention.’
    • ‘Of course, their cause was aided in a big way by one of the biggest corporations around.’
    • ‘The spiralling unemployment rate has resulted in the frustrated youth taking to crime in a big way.’
    • ‘The Internet's traditional advantages come to play in a big way to make it an effective way to meet people.’