Definition of in a — light in English:

in a — light


  • So as to give a specified impression.

    ‘the audit portrayed the company in a favourable light’
    • ‘All too often you're talking to two sides eager to portray themselves in a sympathetic light.’
    • ‘The incident cast the police in an ugly light and their brutality was questioned by many.’
    • ‘Nor does it stop one school being compared with another in an unfair light.’
    • ‘It's not the first time corporations have agreed to show their products in an uncomplimentary light.’
    • ‘You know, it doesn't even show the military in an unflattering light, it's more warts-and-all kind of thing.’
    • ‘She claims, however, the book casts her in an unflattering light and has cost her her job and her reputation.’
    • ‘Even at this early stage we begin to see them in a different light.’
    • ‘If the phrase ‘traditional marriage’ casts one's view on the matter in an unfavourable light, then by all means, use a different one.’
    • ‘Arguing that the U.S. is failing when the evidence seems ambiguous does not cast him in an attractive light.’
    • ‘Am I the only one who sees this sport in an erotic light?’